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Among vineyards

This farmhouse surrounded by vineyards and with spectacular views of the sea, is located at the top of Alella within a large family wine estate.

The premise of the project was to maintain its structure and essence, using local materials but giving it an aesthetic somewhere between rustic and contemporary.

Its reform underwent a complete renovation, cleaning up the walls, redoing the floors, recovering the wood from the beams, and totally new facilities.

The farmhouse is divided into two levels. The common areas and the guest room are located on the ground floor, which also has a small garden with a sofa area and outdoor dining area.
On the upper floor there is a living room with a library and three bedrooms with a bathroom respectively.

For the floors, manual herringbone terracotta was combined with a continuous magnesite pavement. The water areas were covered with a rustic finish microcement and the rest of the walls were finished with a fine mortar-based plaster.
Reeds were placed on the ceilings to hide the insulation, and the beams were restored to return the wood to its most natural appearance.
All the furniture made to measure and integrated into the work, was made with solid stained pine wood and rattan latticework.

Surface435 m2

Elton Rocha

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