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Exotic Harmony

Within this interior design project, the interplay of materials gives rise to a truly distinctive space. The trio of primary materials—soft beige microcement,  dark oak wood, and natural Vancouver granite stone—unite to form an atmosphere that’s both harmonious and inviting.

Microcement graces the floors, walls, and built-in benches, serving as a contrast to the warm embrace of dark wood, which infuses the setting with a contemporary and unified ambience. The kitchen island introduces a sculptural dimension that commands attention, with the choice of natural Vancouver stone sourced from Brazil adding an exotic touch to the space.

Bedroom cabinets, crafted from dark wood and beige linen, evoke a serene equilibrium between elegance and functionality. In combining these elements, a habitable and visually captivating experience takes shape.

Surface68 m2

Elton Rocha

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