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Sexshop Delicatessen X

"Good Vibes"

This Sexshop has a fresh and cheeky pop style, bases its concept on the figure of the woman.

The interior design allows to live an experience through a winding route, with different shapes and volumes arranged throughout the premises.
As you go through it, you experience the transformation of its forms and space, an optical effect created through the reflections of large mirrors.
The furniture made completely to measure, combines straight lines and curves with marked chromatic contrasts.

In this intervention, which has only been able to act with the content and not on the continent, there are wooden beams and exposed work with geometric figures of bright colors. Both the use of the pink color and that of the curved figures refer to the woman’s body, turning the store into a paradise of sex.

Surface50 m2

Jose Hevia

Proyectos interiorismo Barcelona | Decoración de restaurantes Barcelona | Decoración locales comerciales Barcelona