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La Forneria I

Time and tradition

New concept for the Bakeries chain “La Forneria”.
The aim of the project is to give it a renewed and current image, without forgetting the values of tradition and quality product.
Being a family business with more than 100 years of experience, it has been meant to denote the space of nobility and tradition through noble materials such as oak and wicker braided by hand, as a seal of care and quality.
The wood is very present throughout the premises and brings great warmth to the space, it has been applied in various walls and pieces of furniture, such as paneled walls arranged in spikes with burnt wood, or the surfaces of tables and tables made of oak solid.
Other elements such as clay lamps designed specifically for the client, or wicker panels that are made in a traditional way, are another example of importance for detail, quality and tradition.

ClientLa Forneria
Surface72 m2

Jose Hevia

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