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This interior design project has been made for the Brazilian brand Scarf Me, which opened its first store in Barcelona.
Its product specializes in swimwear and other high quality silk products, such as scarves and other beachwear.
The proposal for the new store image was very aware of the great variety of colors and patterns that would be in the exhibition, and therefore opted for a neutral envelope in light stone tones, which gives light and freshness to the premises, and allows the content to stand out above the continent.
The identity of the store is soft and delicate, thanks to the use of light tones and curved shapes in walls and furniture.
For the exhibition of products, white cylinders in horizontal position have been used as a repeated resource throughout the store. The intention of this application was to obtain a support that would provide texture in a friendly way, but that would not harm the impact that this product should cause full of details in the design of its prints.
The area where the changing rooms are located we opted for a more comfortable and intimate environment, and we wanted to show it through the upholstery on the wall, the velvet in the furniture also made to measure, or on the carpet.

Surface64 m2

María Pujol

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