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Trait is a “concept store” and it’s the second one we’ve designed for this firm. This store focuses mainly on the retail of home complements and accessories from various designers.

In order to make the products the real stars of the place, the store has been thought of as this big volume using the same colour in floors, walls and custom-made furniture for a better product display. We’ve also played with the original architectural elements which gives us an interesting contrast of different textures, leaving the original brick wall and the catalan volta, in opposition to the smoothness of the  surfaces of the new designed elements, as well as the transparency or the glass brick wall using the same pinky colour as the rest of the space, to bring more light to the offices upstairs.

The illumination has played a key part in the design, showing the path from the entrance till the end of the store through black tubes and a special designed “zig-zag” rail to highlight the smallest elements, which gives a very scenographic kind of light.

Surface30 m²

Elton Rocha

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