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Casa Berger

Small but impactful

The  House Berger small stand represents a new and different approach by the Virgili brothers on the wine world. They are the new generation and do it with lots of character and good humor.
This stand was designed for an internationally known food fair “Alimentaria” held every year in the city of Barcelona.
The design of this sassy style stand represents a clandestine alcohol factory, a tremendously new approach in the ethnological scene. An environment that’s industrial and ironic on which stands a bucolic ice cream cart.
This cart was designed specifically for the presentation of the new Berger product, the “Sorbet” of white and rose wine in the Food Fair this year. It was made with a white metal frame and bike wheels, lined with pvc panels on which the graphics were printed.
To represent the factory, iron sheets were used to cover all walls, creating a path of metal tubes that develop between all kinds of old materials, recovered from their own cellars Berger.
On one side of the scene we find the truck full of boxes, which solved the basic functions of both storage and display of product at the same time.
For this occasion we also invented the “Trompimeter”, without doubt the attraction of the event. This works like a breathalyzer, measuring and valuing  the amount of alcohol that has been ingested “in its own way”, that was made as a giant light box with fun graphed calls, a style very typical of this house.

ClientCasa Berger
Surface24 m²

María Pujol

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